We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to our projects. Throughout their development we were fortunate enough to meet several amazing people who granted us with their talent. They helped us overcome the different challenges we met on our path. We hope that we will always be surrounded by such extraordinary people. These are the groups and people that we would like to thank.

Pistachio is a creative studio of video and audio production, focused on 2D animation, illustration, photography and composition.
Há Música na Aldeia
Marionet was founded in Coimbra in 2000 with the goals of opening a space for the flourishing of new professionals in the different areas of dramatic creation and exploring new artistic paths. Fourteen years later, our identity defines itself in constant movement, having acquired some surprising characteristics.
CITAC - Círculo de Iniciação Teatral da Academia de Coimbra - is an autonomous organism of the AAC (Coimbra Academic Association) devoted to experimental theater.